How can I create a curved line/rail ?

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  • Hello, how can I create a curved line/rail ? I want to make something like the following:

    or this (the 3rd image):

    Is there any better way than to create small sprites and place them ? Perhaps Tilemap would be a good idea ?

  • For the first image it looks like you could do it with a bunch of sprite pieces. It could be tedious to place by hand. Using a tilemap would work if the tiles match up when placed on a grid. At first glance that tile set doesn't look like it would.

    For the second image there are two parts to it: making something look like that and collisions. You could use the canvas object to draw stuff like that. The paster object could also do it using the draw quad action, although it would take some math to position the corners.

    For collisions you could stretch a rectangular Sprite to make a line, although the corners would need more work to do.

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  • Maybe like ski terrain? Although I never figured out how exactly you got it smooth at the joints like that.

  • In that example I just made the lines overlap a bit. It works well for wide angles, but won't look as good for sharper ones.

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