How do I create a cooldown between jumping?

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  • Hey dudes I'm currently working on a game using physics and I need to make a cooldown between jumps because currently if you spam the up arrow key you will literally just fly. The only thing I can think of is something like

    Global variable jumpCooldown = 0;

    keyboard, key is pressed -

    if (jumpCooldown = 0) {

    apply physics force etc..


    keyboard, key is pressed - wait 0.1 seconds - set jumpCooldown = 1;

    wait 2 seconds - set jumpCooldown = 0;

    this is super flawed but the only thing i could really think of

    (When the up arrow is pressed it sets the jumpCooldown variable to 1 after 0.1 seconds and reverts to 0 after say 2 seconds. Then an if statement checks if the variable is equal to 0 and then applys the physics force to create the jump, if it equals 1 it does nothing.)) and im fine trying to learn how to script this if i have to

    I'd be super grateful for any help.

  • That looks fine, although not sure why the short wait is required before setting the variable to 1? You could also use a timer instead of a wait.

  • if i script this how do I make it so my code is actually referencing the keyboard is pressed functions and stuff?

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  • Do you mean the js scripting? Post questions in here :

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