How do I create a continuous runner platform

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  • I want to create a runner platform that does not randomize the height or width of the platform, it's just one straight continuous path.

  • Do you mean auto-runner or infinite platformer? You can refer to Construct 2 built-in templates, that should give you a clear idea to implement it.

  • Yes that's exactly what I mean, but you know how the template creates random platform widths and heights? I just want one straight width and height for the entire game. I want to make the character run on one straight platform, let's say a street for example which doesn't have random lengths to it, it's just one long road. That's all, thanks if you can help me out!

  • I just added a quick tweak to the auto-runner template to prevent it from creating random platforms, instead it should now has a continuous platform.


  • Thanks a lot Herks you really helped me out

  • Please note that I've not test the example extensively, I bet it will contain some nasty bugs

  • Thanks for that, I did notice it had some jerky movements, Idk how to get rid of that, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

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  • Yeah, it's quite lag as the code creates block at origin point first, before setting its new position. Try the below code instead, it should fix the problem now.


    And here's the fixed capx:


  • :O You're the best man! Thanks so much!! This game is one step closer to being great because of you! Btw what anime you into?

  • If I'm going to talk about this, it will eventually become an endless list

    But NGNL, TK Ghoul, and AGK would be my favorites this year.

  • My top for this year was, Shingeki no Kyojin, SAO, and HXH!

  • Can you resend these Capx i cant get them. I am having the same trouble. I know this is very old

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