how to create a competition within the game

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  • Hello, I had a problem, I am a trainee in one company, and they gave me tasks to create a game (race), 2D, top view, with passing for a while, and then I created it, the next step. When you get the time for which you passed the track, you must complete a number of conditions, click on the button to take part in the competition, a window pops up where the player’s time is recorded and you need to enter the mail and agree to the terms, and the problem arose with how to save time, mail and player id in the array, as well as send him the mail that he took part ?

  • can you mock up a simplified version in a separate capx what you trying to do?

    you should be able to save any data you want to an array.

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  • Time .... I take part in the competition .. mail

    after that, the time and mail must be registered in the array, as well as a message will be sent to the mail stating that the person took part ... can this be done via google sheet, or should a hosting server be created where the data and feedback will go

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