How do I create combos?

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  • hello to all

    in my "test" game, when i shot the ennemies i would like to know how to create combos, its a game like "point blank"


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  • Could you please give more explanation?

    Also if you reference another game like "point blank" could you add a link to a video or screenshot of the game explaining which part you mean?

    It would also be helpfull to know how you have your events set up thus far to be able to help you in regards to achieving the effect you want in your case, because different setups often require different solutions..

    Without any of these questions above answered my answer would be:

    Use a variable and set it to the number/name you want and add actions to your player depending on the name/number of the variable..

    Regarding combo's it would probably be time/animation related when a combo is possible, so add conditions for that..

  • for example here its also a game like point blank

    you can see the combos when you shot an annemy or object

  • Looks like a counter obviously. I would do it this way:

    Have two variables, Combo and Timer.

    For the Combo variable, every enemy you kill will increase the Combo variable by 1.

    Then have the other Timer variable that is activated in this way: when an enemy dies, set Timer to 3. (This 3 is an example of how many seconds you have to keep the combo going, it can be however long you wish, but the lower the number the more difficult to keep a combo going.)

    Have another event that says "if Timer is greater than 0, every 1 second, subtract 1 from Timer".

    When/if the timer hits 0, have a routine (or function) that is activated that first takes your Combo variable and uses whatever algorithm you wish for that Combo number to be a multiplyer for points etc. THEN after but in the same actions, have it reset the Combo variable to 0.

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