How do I Create Colorful Lighting?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I was looking around on the forums for any example that shows how to make Colorful lighting in a decent enough fashion to for us to use for a game.

    I havnt been able to find any examples at all.

    I have been using Ashley html 5 lighting method to learn from but im not getting what i need.Im looking for colored lights.

    I understand that using distortion out on a white spotlight sprite will create a basic light effect.

    But what about adding Color? Ive tried to add a colored spotlight sprite to my demo and all it would do is turn any color i used into a white colored light.

    Has anyone ever made lighting effects in this manner,I really need some feedback on how to make it happen.

  • Sorry If I misunderstand your question, but using colored sprites with screen or dodge blend modes doesn't suffice..?

  • eli0s ive never been successful making colored lighting. I tried using the colored sprites inside Ashleys demo he provided.Thank you for making a capX file.

    I took a look at your file and i would love to know if this works with Distortion Out?

    I will have a black Overlay that will fade in and out.

    If this does work with Distortion Out,I would have to say that this is Amazing! Thank you once again for your effort in creating this demo for me eli0s


    Download R0J0hound example from that link called "mario_record_w_shadows.capx"

  • RookieDev

    I think you mean destination out, I haven't found anywhere a distortion blend, or webgl effect... This raises a problem, I see your concern. A work around will be to copy/paste all sprites to an other layer above, but perhaps that's not ideal with many lights, for performance reasons. See the following attached file.

  • shinkan

    Holy &^%@! Nothing less from R0J0 of course

  • eli0s shinkan Will this Paster Plugin work on mobile devices? or will i need to find a work around? I would also love to know where to download this plugin for the capX file.

    I cant look at the file until i do.

  • Most of the plugins will work on mobiles


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  • eli0s shinkan is there a specific way to upload this Plugin?? I uploaded it the way i do any normal plugin and it says cannot load when i open construct 2.

    Thanks for the plugin redirect aswell shinkan

  • just drag and drop Paster.c2addon file to opened C2 window, wnd it will prompt you to install it

  • What shinkan said. All .c2addon files are installed this way, not by moving them to the "C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\...\" directory.

  • shinkan eli0s

    Thank you both for your help with this topic.Im very grateful to get help.

    My last question is this,Are there any tutorials on how to use this correctly?

    I seen the capX file with Mario and the colored lights and i was wondering how to make that happen.Without some kind of input im lost on what it takes to use this plugin.

    Most of the shadow stuff i dont need,i just want to have colored lighting to go along with my white lighting.

    This plugin does not seem complicated but i would rather know what im doing before i commence.

  • If you don't want real time-dynamic shadow casting, just use the sprite like on the second example I attached. The canvas plugin isn't particularly made for shadows and lights, it's thru the brilliance of people like R0J0hound that it renders all kind of cool things. The guy on some other topic made real 3d boxes that were shifting perceptive in relation to the player's movement... All with math...

  • Here, a more suitable example!

  • eli0s Thank you so much!! this is exactly what i was aiming to do.

    I want to thank you for helping me and taking the time to guide me to the end.I would not know anything about this without your help!

    I think your CapX is worthy of the CapX tutorial section,You should really think about placing this there for everyone on the forums to learn from,this is pretty amazing.

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