How do I create Click and Point Adventure games?

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  • I'm new at this. I never programmed and used scirra before. Does anyone have click and point adventure game tutorial or examples files I can download?

    You know Sierra, monkey island, , visionaire studio...

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  • Construct2 doesn't have an easy way to create point and click adventures..

    It is possible though, but it requires a lot of knowledge..

    If you'd like to create a point and click adventure relatively easily I'd advice you look into The wintermute engine or Adventure game Studio

    If you wish to do it with Construct2, it will be a long learning progress of trial and error, but if you're up to that, go for it!

  • A large numbe of people have created point and click adventure games using C2.

    C2 is fantastic engine and is more than able to do this.

    However, are you able to do this??? what I mean is, a point and click adventure game will require a fair amount of C2 knoweledge to get right. And will require a number of months to a year to build/learn the engine.

    You should rather look at engines geared towards this. [Edit]Two examples above and this as a third option C. Please note that both require lots of time to learn the engine.

    Whatever your choice, it won't happen overnight, you won't find already made tutorials/examples - meaning you will have to make things, which means you will need to become proficient at whatever engine.

    I would go with C2, because you aren't limited to 1 genre (c2 can make many category's of games). But, it might not be best for you.

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