How do I create character controllers like "Final Fight"

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  • Hi everyone I am new to construct 2 but here is the thing I would like to do and would appreciate any help.

    I would like my character to move in 8 directions like in the game Final Fight or other fighting games but at the same time have the ability to jump and land on the floor.

    I tried it with 8 directions and platform tool but the character falls down. So created a solid underneath which he can land on (which will be invisible) but I can't seem to have the solid underneath follow the character.

    Also I would like my character not to go out of the playable area. Let's say he can move up and down the screen in certain places or solids.

    I really would appreciate the help.

    Kind Regards

    Volkan Kutlubay

  • Depending on your gameplay, you may not even need to have the character actually jump, but you can fake it with sprite trickery. If you create a jumping animation, increasing the height of the sprite to accommodate the character's new height, it should work for you. That way the character sprite never actually leaves the ground, it just looks like it. You can even add a shadow underneath using the same sprite to seal the illusion.

    The only drawback of using this technique is it might be a pain to get your character to jump onto a platform that is raised up.

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  • make a shadow object, or an invisible box that acts like a "plate" for your character to stand on. Give that the 8-dir movement.

    Then pin the player sprite to that shadow, and as the other person said, make the "jump" an animation moving away from the ground origin point. So it looks like he's jumping, but he actually isnt.

    He will be able to collide with objects that define the area of gameplay by giving them each a solid behavior.

  • WOW! Thank You All So Much For The Useful and Quick Replies! I am sure all the information above will be very useful!

    Kind Regards

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