How do I create a car customization?

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  • Hello guys,

    Just recently I bought a personal license and now I'm experimenting with Construct2. So I'm a noob. I have a question not like exactly how to do this, but I need some kind of starting points. I want to create this car customization like in NFS2 Underground For example you see a car and you can apply a new bumper or wheels. It would be perfect If I would be able to create a 3D illusion by "spinning" a car for example using 36 images of a car from all sides. Is this achievable with Construct 2? If yes then can you give me some ideas where to start?

    Thank you guys.

  • Start with the Graphics and Animations. Bring them in C2.

  • simonlickus if you already have the 36 images, you can turn them into a single animated sprite by double clicking within a layout and selecting "sprite." Then click within the layout again to open the image editor.

    When that opens, several smaller, undocked windows should appear, including the "Animation Frames" window. Simply right click within that window and select "import frames->from files" and select your 36 sprites. Then delete frame "0" (which was created before the import).

    The speed and looping of these 36 images is handled by clicking the name of the animation (default name is "default") in a different undocked window, labeled "Animations." That brings up your animations options in the contextual "properties" tab docked on the left.

    This is also covered in depth in the manual ... ons-editor

  • Thank you for the information

    I already built simple prototype based on tutorials and people answers on this forum.

    But the problem is that currently I'm rotating my car, going trough 36 images back and forth just by moving my mouse left and right. I would love to do this only by click and drag or touch and drag on the screen.

    For example I'm dragging my mouse with my left mouse button down and I'm going trough frames. When I release mouse button animation stops on a specif frame. And then I would be able to continue form that frame again by holding left mouse button and dragging to left or right..


    Ok, I managed to achieve what I want. Now I can hold down mouse button and then by dragging my mouse I can go trough my 36 frames from left or right or vice versa. Now I have this illusion of spinning car. It is not perfect. But at least now I have some kind of starting point. Construct 2 is awesome

  • I would set the animation speed on zero.

    And code the forward/backward changing in frames. In basic it is just setting the frame to a variable.

    A variable that is steered by touch/mouse.

    I think that 36 frames is a little small. It will not be fluid.

    Is this helping ? ... 09IZF91MnM

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  • Thank you 99Instances2Go

    Dude, that's awesome. I built something similar on my own. My solution is just more complicated than yours. Not in a good way

    I'm really new to Construct 2. For example in Unity I would add objects to the scene and then do everything in a C# script. In Constract I do not know why, but it is harder for me to "code". I'm really new to this visual scripting.

    I want to hug you now. Your solution is exactly what I need. Thank you again.

  • Bah, that is only the little first step. I was thinking. Mayby you should lerp to (constrain to) only 8 angles. Else you got the user to able to 'customise' in every angle. Each frame you want parts to be clickable you need sprites (collision polygons) to click on. For each possible angle thats a load collision polygons animating in sync with the main frames. That is some work to do.

  • I know. But I really needed a clean solution for that little first step.

    At the moment in 3DsMax I just render 36 images of a car. Then I disable car except parts I need and do the rendering again. Then I have 36 images of a car and 36 images lets say of wheels. And wheels are in the right position. Same resolution. Everything is in sync. So when I add new wheels in a game I just enable wheels sprite and they are in sync whit a car. A lot of images...

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