How do I create a candy crush game?

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  • Any tips on how to create a candy crush game?

    How do I make the candies fall down, should I use physics or bullet behaviour?

    How do I make the candies appear in patterns that are solvable?

    Thank you.

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  • There is a lot of mechanics involved to create match-3 game, not the simplest game to make in general. First you might to figure out how to make a piece moves in certain direction. Next you are likely facing to dealing with overlapping detection that might not up to what you expect. Then you need to take flood-fill into account to make the matching system works, etc.

    But don't let my story scare you, It just processes that encourage myself to solve the puzzle-making things. I remember when I wanted to create simple puzzle game like Collapse puzzle. Lot of things to considered to make a simple gameplay works, but I managed to build the logic and share it to the forum:

    Most of prototype puzzle I made was built from standard event system that is not relying on specific behavior or plugin. Big big advantage if you understand how expression works that give more control for every aspect in your game.

    There is plugin made by rexrainbow to get you started make match-3 game and it is free:

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