How do I create bullets + detection in a multiplayer

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  • Ive been through the multiplayer tutorials.

    What I want to do is create a multiplayer platformer with bullets. Im not exactly sure if I create the bullets and their detection in peer, host, or common. If someone has an example of how these things work. Please share.

    Also, for the initial platformer tutorials it recommends you create a invisible player box that the player animations follow. So if I am creating a multiplayer game is this still recommended? how do I create/sync all player animations that are pinned to the player box seamlessly.

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  • You will have to make it in Common

    System | For each Peer------------------| Peer|Spawn Bullet on Layer 1

    -System |getbit(Peer.inputs, 4) =1 ---|

    -System | Every 3 seconds -------------|

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