how to create a bomb?

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  • i'm having some difficulties on creating a bomb.

    the bomb should be able to create force at every degree in a certain radius. how can i achieve this effect?

    i'm using the physics functions to apply force but i am very confuse on how to create the force and affect every solid/physics object around it.

    right now i have 2 objects a bomb and an object

    my event sheet look like this

    explosion on created

    explosion is overlapping -> body apply force 2000 at angle Angle(explosion.X, explosion.Y,body.X , body.Y)

    are there any better way of doing this which effect every objects in a certain radius? (without using family)

    please help

    thank you

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  • Easiest way is to create one giant invisible object with physics then set it immovable and then destroy it. This will push away everything touching it, just like that orange bird in angry birds.

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