How do I create basic menu navigation?

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  • Hello, I am having the most difficult time ever trying to create something that seems like a very simple idea. Just a basic menu system similar to old rpg's, a blue box with white text and a pointer that can move to the desired choice and when a key is pressed the choice the arrow was next to will function, usually the function is that another blue box pops up above the previous one with more choices.

    I've tried to tackle this my self but it's insanely frustrating getting it to work without creating too many new objects, instead of using several different instances of only the objects seen in a menu like this: arrow, text, and the blue box.

    This has been my approach: When the pointer moves, so does this sprite object next to it called "pointer selection", which is invisible, but when the pointer selection is overlapping a text object and z is pressed, it will call the function number that is the instance variable of the same text object. Therefore every choice/text object contain varied values in their "function_id" instance variable so that different functions are called. And that's basically it, really nothing to it. It should make sense, right? But no of course not.

    The issue i'm running into right now is that after the first function gets called, and the second box comes up, trying to bring up another choice beyond that simply doesn't work. I have no clue why it doesn't, it just don't. And it's not like construct 2 will tell me or anything, that would make too much sense.

    So, are there any ideas out there that do exactly as I'm trying to accomplish? I see no tutorials that have this kind of thing. Thanks.

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  • Can you upload your capx?

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