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  • sorry if the title sounded dodgy. I'm making a platformer game, but one thing that bugs me is the background. I currently use sprites for it. the problem is in normal platformers the background seems to be a seperate entity from everything else, moving at diffrent speeds then the rest of the level. But using sprites, the thing just seems so still. can someone help me on this?

  • Search for "Parallax" in the tutorials section - lots of examples there.

    In a nutshell, you place background objects on different layers and then adjust the parallax values in the layer properties.

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  • If you wanted the moving background kind of thing, you probably mean parallax.

    It's simple actually, try making 1-2 layers of background, now click layers (If you are not already in it) and choose the layer you want to do parallax, now go to properties and you see parallax, click the + button before the word "Parallax" and set ONLY X to 50 or 40. Now you've got the effect.

  • woah, thank you guys. I've been using construct for over a month now, and I haven't even figured it out. once again, thanks.

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