How do I create automatic tests for my project?

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  • is there a plugin or any way to create automatic tests for my construct2 project? Or maybe a kind of test that´s not just executing the game and doing it manually

  • What do you mean by test.

    Test the game play ?

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  • yeah, and using the game logic. For example: Test when character do gameover. Test if character completes phrase... But automatic, as in: I can test it without the user having to move the character using his keyboard. Just like in junit for eclipse in a java project

  • You would test logic and gameplay manually using the built-in debugger and possibly a custom made debug layout that will show whatever variable or system information you require.

    I can't see how you could automate this, or even why you would want to. Testing surely needs human input to make a valid reasoned judgement on whether the game looks and plays as you want it to.

  • the tests could be like selenium too: I am testing my software and recording the button clicks and movements i make... Then, i stop recording and my test is built. I can re-run this test by executing it again and i don´t need to click on the buttons or move the character again, my test file wiil automatically move and click wherever i have clicked when i recorded me playing the game.

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