How do I Create an Auto Runner with manual acceleration

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  • Hi there,

    I'm creating an auto-runner game using the auto-runner template in my C2.

    My aim is to add a button which, when tapped on, will cause the player to increase his speed.

    The problem i have is, the player moves out of place once the speed increases.

    I've tried setting the bullet speed of the block to the speed of the player as well, but that didn't help..

    the scroll to function didn't work either as it figured it only works for objects that are at the center of the screen.. but with an endless runner, you need to see whats coming up ahead...

    any nit of information would be useful.. thanks

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  • When you change the player speed inside C2 and run the game, what happens?

  • i did that..

    the character runs faster.... the tricky part is..

    when the character jumps, he moves forward on his own when he lands..

    i think it has something to do with the template... i saw a part of it where the player moves 1 pixel forward after jumping so as to keep the player on the screen.

    with my game, the player is running faster now with each press of the boost button but if he jumps, he moves out of position... so its still quite tricky for me

  • The scroll-to behavior works on whatever object it is assigned to. The trick to having the view ahead of the player is to put an invisible object with the scroll-to behavior on it moving along in front of the player where you want the center of screen to be.

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