How do I create Augmented Reality app ?

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  • Can c2 do it ? Please advice me thank you very much. ^_^

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  • nup, it can't. you would have to write your own plugin for it.

  • As far as I understand it, right now it is impossible without mobile browser webRTC support.

    You could do it in an extremely limited way on a laptop computer (not quite realtime) by taking a screenshot every 10th second or so and loading it into a sprite. The problem is that the laptop doesn't have accelerometer input, so you would have to manually orient the "augmentations" onscreen. Overall it would be super-choppy and a bad user experience.

  • You can do augmented reality provide you have access to camera and image context of the camera.

    Since camera is accessible on all devices. Then that means you only need to access to the image context. I don't know if C2 gives access to the context or not. If C2 doesn't then you can make your own plugin to forceibly access the context. Worse case make your own camera plugin to access the image.

    So I would say yes. Yes you can do augmented reality. But probably more work than most users would put in.

  • Thank you very much every body.

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