How do I create an application using C2

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  • Hi All,

    I have been interested in C2 and its features and power to create mobile and web games. I am more interested in using C2 (due to its workflow) to create an application that can read files, input files, interact with the user, and interact with other users.

    Does anyone have any experience? Are there any examples of developers who have done this in the past? Lastly, can someone show me to get more information.

    Thank you

  • This can be done pretty simply, but please explain in full the complexity of what you're wanting to do, I may be able to help you in getting it figured out. I'm actually using a lot of functions like that in my own game, consisting of fully functional logging in of users, uploading of information, custom characters, custom maps, etc.

    Construct 2 is a very versatile engine if you know how to use it.

  • Thank you KTML5, could you direct me to links or resources to learn more about C2 in this regard?

    I want to see the limits of C2 before I dedicate myself to this idea on C2.

    My idea is not unique but it is at its early stages. It will evolve as time goes on.

    For now I want the user to fill out forms, the application to sort the information, communicate with other users, communicate with a central database, I want the experience to be interactive not just boring text fields (graphically pleasing), I want the application to predict additional information to ask, and lastly to output a file such as word or pdf.


    That should get you started.

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    That should get you started.

    Thanks, I was a little slow in my reply."

    You see, the great thing about creating applications for PC, you can also integrate them in websites. So, if you create a word processor, you could also make it for web use.

    Construct is all you need for these things, you just need experience using it.

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