How do I create a app like Pixlr or image editor or retrica?

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  • I was just wondering, Is it possible to create a app like Pixlr or image editor or retrica using Construct 2??

    If yes could someone guide me where to start, how to proceed?


  • It should be doable, though, I would hazard a guess construct 2 is really not the best engine for image editing in a running app.

    There are some options, but the functionality will be limited and for a new construct 2 user, very challenging.

    So my advice would be: no.

  • lennaert Thanks for reply.

    You said Some options? What are all. I can try

    And what other engine would you prefer?

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  • You could start by checking out the user media object, which references the use of the camera.

    From there you should be able to manipulate the current pic etc.

    I have not used it myself extensively, so I am not aware whatt he manipulating options are.

    But if there arent any, I would imagine performing some sort of effects as an overlay over the image, and create a snapshot from that.


    There is a tutorial somewhere which references to uploading images to a server with PHP.

  • Okay thanks, let me give it a try

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