How do I Create Anti-Cheat inside the game?

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  • My game is a multiplayer game and I'm wondering how would I stop someone from cheating in my game. I know programs like cheat engine exist and since my game is built for PC I'm extremely worried about it.

    I know I could add something inside the game that says if they move to fast to disconnect them but things like the money they have the items in their inventory ect ect.

    How would you guys go about stopping cheaters from just spawning in a thousand items.

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  • The problem is it depends of the type of cheat : if its the type of cheat that can outright modify your event sheet in some way, theres no way you can do anything against it.

    As I am not an expert at all in security, the most likely answer I could give you would be to crypt your game data and any information related to it in your server(s), so people cannot read it without cracking the code before.

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