How do I create animation from physics

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  • Good morning. This question is not related to construct . I want to ask if you know software that can simulate physics and you can record it as keyframe animation and export into construct as spritesheet? Thank you. This would solve the need of using physics and platform behaviour

  • You could create the physics in c2, record it using licecap and then import the gif into the image editor in your other project.

  • Interesting solution , never thought about this , but how does this record single object with transparency?

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  • That may be more challenging. It depends on how simple or complex the colors in the objects you want to record are. I had imagined you wanted something like a wireframe physics debug drawing but, I realize, you could want something a lot more complicated. I would try to record over a solid unique color background, like black. Then import the gif frames into GIMP or similar and set opacity by color for the background. A little more long-winded, but it should work.

  • oh well , if i record black box over white background , it should be pretty easy fix , then i can pin my object to the black box and done. interesting solution, I think it could be doable with any screen recording software that supports image export, Thank you.

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