How do I create AI paths on street and AI path for NPC'S?

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  • Hello! I'm getting nut trying to search for any tutorial that could answer my questions that will make almost 9 months old now. I tried to learn how Construct 2 works, and because of that, i sucessfully created a little part of a city, 40 vehicles with physics, some fake 3D buildings, guns, a 100% drag and drop working inventory and etc. But i just can't find a single tutorial explaining 100% how to create AI vehicles driving on streets and PED'S on sidewalks randomly just like GTA 1 and GTA 2 does. I swear, i searched all over the internet for something like this since 8 months ago. I tried to looking for every tutorial here, on every Youtube video i could find and even on Facebook realtioned groups. I not good with coding, and i really don't have too much ideas how to do it for this problem. I know we have some codes of: ''Every tick > spawn ''vehicle'' on layer x, on x.y positions and etc.. Or i could use the ''bullet'' behavious on my vehicles, but this wouldn't work very well with a sandbox game. I downloaded the .CAPX called: ''multi_catmull_rom, but i really don't know how to use it properly for my game. Sorry for my english and thank you very much if you read my question. I don't want you to finish game for me. I'm saying that because i just found 2 videos on internet of russians that did a little bit of what i want to do. If someone could answer it for me, i would be very, very, very happy. Thank you!! Here's the link:

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    and the second video is:

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  • atmas

    This it may help you to get some ideas for Trafic Ai is pretty basic I'm sure is not what you want but I will leave it just in case you find something useful

  • Anything now will be very helpfull! The good thing of Construct, is that we can adapt the codes and the stuffs to get what we want. And thank you very much buddy!

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