How do I: Create an adjust graphics quality button?

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  • I know how to use mouse and touch etc. But i'm not sure what events would mean that all images become more blured/pixelated, so that the game runs less laggy, for those with older PCs.

    Thanks for all the help

  • Im not really sure you can do a lot in that department to increase performance in C2. There are some project overall settings you can try to change, but would be surprised if it made any huge difference. Do you experience bad performance, since you ask?

  • Not really, but my game is highly graphical and i'd like to cover all options. Need more options for my settings menu too lol

  • Depends how your game is designed. But some settings that can improve performance if to reduce/remove particles if you use any. Also to toggle webGl effects on off if you use any, those are things that would probably not impact the gameplay but makes the game prettier.

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  • i could use it to delete unneeded layers in levels. The effects I need though. Thanks!

  • It would take some planning, but you would need subevents that correspond to your "quality" variable. The button would just set the quality (say Low, Med, High). On low, remove most particles, most effects, certain scenery objects on start of the layout, any overlays you're doing. Medium would include particles but at a lower amount, omit just some of the bigger effects, some scenery objects, etc. High would be how you're making the game now. It all just needs to be run in your event sheets to modify your existing game through events based on the "quality" variable.

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