How do I Create a 20/20 Health Bar

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  • My game needs a HP Ratio like 20/20 is full health, 10/20 is half etc. i would like to minimize the use of text boxes and global variables as much as possible, im also wondering if theirs a way to do it with just one text box and one global variable. Thanks for your time guys!

  • Do you want to show the health bar or just text?


    If you want your max health bar to be eg 250px

    Your on top health bar should be 250 / 20 * amount of current hp.

    So 5hp will be 62.5px wide to show the hp


    Global variable = current hp

    Set text to "current hp" & "/20"

  • sqaure image object




    *total bar width when full = 100 pix

    set square width to (100 * (sqaure.currenthealth / square.maxhealth))

  • Not a bar sorry, just the text. with every level i would like to add an increase for the capacity

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  • If you want the max hp to change with level, you need either a well defined function or another variable for it. eg.

    Set text to HP & "/" & MaxHP[/code:2c5eej61]
    If you don't want to use another variable, use something like [code:2c5eej61]Set text to HP & "/" & (15 + 5 * Level)[/code:2c5eej61], which is of course more limited.
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