How to create 2.5D effect?

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  • Basically I have trees and buildings that you can walk in front of, but I want so when you walk behind them, that they go transparent, but I do not want to have to setup a condition for each individual object, is there an easier way to do what I am attempting? Thanks in advance! -dilk

  • If they are all one type of object, Sprite for example You can put them all into a family.

  • How do I do that? Sorry I am newbish with Construct.

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  • How do I do that? Sorry I am newbish with Construct.

    Also I have the free version of construct

  • Alright, so you don't have Families in free version.

    What you could do is to simulate families using one Sprite object.

    Put all your images into one Sprite - frames or animations, it's up to You.

    So you would have one Sprite, let's call it "Objects".

    If you go with frames it will look like this

    Frame 0 - Tree

    Frame 1 - Building

    Frame 2 - something else


    Then in layout editor instead of placing different objects you will place instances of sprite "Objects" with different frames.

    I would give you a example capx file, but I'm not at home at the moment.

    Maybe someone can make You this one. It's really easy.

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