How do I creat a hyper casual game ?

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  • Hello guys is it possible to creat a hyper casual game using construct 2 if yes send me a tutorial about it please

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  • Yes, it's entirely possible to create hyper-casual games with C2. However, hyper-casual is a style/genre of games that vary widely depending on the type of game that you want to make. The main traits that make up a hyper-casual game are its simplistic game mechanics and minimalistic style of graphics and UI.

    In my opinion, hyper-casual games are some of the most basic that you could make. You're first going to have to learn how to make a game in general. Based on your generalized question, I'm guessing you haven't yet.

    Construct 2 Tutorials

    Then, do some research on what style of game you want to make, in this case, hyper-casual. Show the community that you're learning how to make a game, any game, and we'll do our best to help you style your game in the genre you want. There is no all-in-one tutorial for hyper-casual.


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