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  • How could I increase the BPM or speed of a music track to the speed at which a player is crossing the map?

    IE. Lets say, the racer is far ahead, and at certain speeds a fill of the song applies (to match the bpm)...but lets also say, that I make the travelling distance of the car at Beats Per Minute that work....I COULD fix the timing of the cars for speeds to relate to a track couldn't I?

    What i really mean to say that all players travel at CERTAIN speeds. (that match BPMS that dont sound out of rhythmn)

    that match the track of the track. get me? Music track, race track...the song also has to sound decent at those certain BPMS

    Event - player is traveling at 300, so music fast forwards x3

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  • I don't know exactly what you're asking for, but you can change the playback rate with Audio - Set Playback Rate - And you can identify the music/sfx and variable to reference for the speed.

    Basic speeds are 1.0 normal, 0.5 half, 2.0 double If you're using numbers like 300 for speed, then you could try (speed / 100) for the playback rate.

    Maybe a minimum or maximum limit to prevent too fast or too slow music, you can experiment with different speeds to hear what sounds good or not.

  • I tried that but it made the playback choppy in one of the browsers (Chrome or IE can't remember which). You might be better off with small loops of music that you piece together and recording the music at different tempos then calling them something like MusicTempo1, MusicTempo2, MusicTempo3 then playing the appropriate speed of music. Or if you're just going to have a simple music track like a drum beat or something you could import just the drum sounds into Construct 2 then have something like playdrumsound1 followed my a wait that you set via a variable then playdrumsound1 again followed by the same wait variable then adjust the wait time by altering the variable or a set of variables, that would give you a simple beat but piece a load of that together and it could work well although might take a very long time to do?

  • Ah i like that Captain9Fingers! Good thinking! appreciate it. You too bWard this all is been helpful.

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