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  • In MMF i recently put together a platform engine with a crawl feature. You'd hold down on ↓ key and it would change the character animation, as well as the playerobject size (seperate animation frame that corresponded to the height of the character animation). Then, if you released the ↓ key whilst udner a crawl space, there would be a detector pinned to the top of the playerobject that would go up to the height of the sanding player and if it overlapped the ceiling of the crawlspace, the character animation and the playerobject would remain crouched. You could the crawl under spaces without holding the down key.

    I'd like to do this in C2, but I want to hopefully accomplish it without using fussy detectors. What would be the best way of accomplishing this particular function in C2? If detectors are a must, does C2 do things beter than MMF could do in this regard?

  • Zebbi

    Have you try Overlapping offset condition yet?

    btw, what is MMF.

  • Sorry, the new Fusion 2.5. No I haven't tried that yet, I'm still getting to grips with the power of Construct, which is why I want to figure the best way of starting things with C2's way of working. Could overlapping offsets be used to get this crawling function done in very few event lines? I'd like to keep things as simple as possible.

  • yeah i had the same problem i link it here; you can see it uses collision polygons and animation changes, quite easy really

    Edit" oooh kay apparently it won't let me post links so i'll post the file he gave me I'm sure he won't mind--I hope

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  • Thanks for the example, I'll take a look! I managed to do it with collision boxes really quickly and easily, thanks to all for the help!

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