Crash in FireFox since new CS2 update.

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  • Since the new 1.26 Update I no longer can view my game in other browsers. Only works in chrome. I tried on PC and Mac. I get the following Error in FireFox view preview. Still crashes when the game runs live from my server.

    Javascript error!

    TypeError: postMessage requires more than 0 arguments

    localhost/pathfind.js, line 164 (col undefined)

    This is either a bug in Construct 2 or a problem in a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer!

  • This may be unrelated to the 1.26 Update. Seems something I added is crashing. I ran some of my older versions and they work in FF. Looking at the error, I guess its something wrong with my pathfinding...

  • Ok, so I disabled every instance of pathfinding. The error is gone. however in FF (Mac or PC) the game is just a black screen. no loader or activity. Is this a Jave issue?

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  • ok... Its the Pathfinding. I still had the sprite on stage. That was crashing FF and making a black screen. Really frustrating. Runs perfect in Chrome, but sucks in FF. Oh I am starting to wish I continued to build my game in Flash. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Gah, we got caught out by a Chrome specific quirk. I'll have to do a quick fix tomorrow.

  • My issue isnt just Pathfinding, seem to run strange or have random glitches across Safari, FF and IE as well not running Blending Modes correctly on some other machines. So far performance is great on Chrome PC & MAC. I may just force the game to be ran in Chrome. Since this is simply a hobby and a outlet to use my illustration. I have no intention of charging so I will force users to use Chrome. Maybe it has something to do with that Chrome is a 32bit browser and FF is a 64bit browser? However, I have a 64bit version of Java installed.

  • GOOD NEWS! Well, after a few beers and a few hours. I went line for line and variable for variable and I managed to find 2 conflicts. Was some usage of touch and click. After this, I was able to get FireFox to work. However on a Touch PC Tablet Firefox has some performance issues. Where as Chrome doesn't have any. Seems to chug on Firefox, and run fast/smooth on Chrome. So maybe I will still force chrome.

  • I'm having weird Firefox behavior too and this is the closest thread I've found. What conflicts specifically did you resolve?

  • oheller25 - it's already fixed in the latest beta release r130.

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