How do I use the cranberrygame_CordovaFacebook_2.0.27 plugin

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  • Ive download the cranberrygame_CordovaFacebook_2.0.27 plugin but it seems i am doing something wrong.

    All i want to do is when the player touches the FB icon, he would post a link for the app to Facebook.

    So, i imported the plugin, and added action Touch-->on touch gesture on FBicon-->CordovaFacebook-->Prompt wall post link this app

    I export, go to xdk, edit the script and copy/paste appid appname etc, build apk, install to my phone but when i touch the FB icon, nothing happens!

    Please someone help me...i already have my game on Google play but i want to update it!

    Thanks in advance..

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  • At CordovaFacebook-->login do i have to change "email, public_profile, user_friends" with something else?

    I dont know what am i doing wrong..

  • the plugin should of included a tutorial an template have you taken a look at those to make sure you using the right events. also you might get more help with this in the cranberry plugin thread or his google community since it's a third party plugin

    plugins-plugins-for-construct2-powered-by-cordova_t109586 ... 5005605917

  • Thank you very much for the reply!

    The tutorial says NOTHING about the events!!

    It shows how to add the plugin and right after that it jumps to XDK!

    All i want to do is when the player touches the FB icon, he would post a link for the app to Facebook

    Is there any other way apart from CordovaFacebook plugin?

    I am using XDK/Crosswalk to build.

    Thanks again..

  • you can call direct link with browser plugin

  • Wouldnt that open facebook in the browser? Thats better than nothing of course but id prefer opening facebook with the fb app..

  • Anyone out there (beside the creators) who made it work?

    Its driving me crazy!!

    I know it must be something very easy but i cant find it so far!

    Is there another plugin that does the same thing building with crosswalk?


    Ok, cranberrygame gave me some advice (thank you very much) and i saw i had the old script from phonegap. I change it with the new cordova.

    Now it tries to connect to FB but then it does nothing and drops back in the game..

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