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  • Hi, just working on adding in app purchases to my game using the cranberry cordova-iap plugin.

    I'm able to get it to purchase the product, though I can't seem to get "on purchase product succeeded" to trigger. Has anybody else found this issue? If so, have you been able to fix it?

    I should also note that this issue is on iOS.

    Any help or suggestions would be fantastic!


  • To update, I've also spotted a couple more issues:

    It all seems to be working itunes server side, as when I attempt to re-purchase the item, it displays that I already have it. This is even true if I consume the product (which might mean that consume product isn't working either).

    I've also attempted to restore the purchases with no further luck. Again, "On restore purchases succeeded" doesn't appear to trigger.

    I'm exporting for cordova and wrapping with the cordova CLI . Is this the correct cordova plugin? ... ayment-iap

    I should also note that this is being done on iOS (iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2).

  • Anybody successfully using iap's on iOS with this plugin or even a different plugin?

    cranberrygame are you able to confirm if this plugin still works?

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  • rjblueskies and HZGaming it appears we're all having similar problems with the cranberry iap plugin. I've messaged Kwon, the developer of the plugin and he's working on testing the issue.

    Mind me asking what version of construct you are all running? I'm currently on the latest beta release (r224)

  • I've alerted Kyatric who has alerted Ashley as well. I'm currently running r224/the newest beta version.

  • In that case I shall have to check if it works in an older release of construct (a stable one for example). Hopefully pin down the cause for this.

    As the plugin is 3rd part a doubt it's really Ashley's place to work on a fix. Still waiting for cranberrygame 's response on the issue.

    Anybody else having an issue with "on purchase success" triggering in the cranberry iap plugin?

  • Hey sorry I'm just seeing this.

    I'm on version 221.

    I also just upgraded Intel XDK to the latest version and now it appears I can no longer import cordova plugins. Device and Splashscreen appear when I initially import, but then once I try importing IAP, they disappear and the IAP plugin doesn't appear either. When I attempt to re-add them, nothing happens and the plugins section of my project in Intel XDK remains empty. I read and I'm not sure we will see a resolution to this...

    On a side note, I read Maybe this is an alternative for now (seems to be better for performance)? I'm still very new to mobile game development and have been learning a ton.

    Thanks for messaging him! We'll see how this plays out.

  • I cant't trigger purchase on IOS please tell how did you manage to test it I added the in App purchase in Itunes connect but I can't trigger the purchase function?

  • Have we heard anything new on this ?

  • Hey , have you heard anything from cranberrygame?

  • rjblueskies mediadi Hey, sorry for the late reply. I've been putting my game Thumb Space through some rigorous testing (releasing very soon)

    Anyway, I ended up scrapping the cranberry plugin as the developer was a nightmare to contact even when offering a paid update. I'm now using the recently fixed plugin that ships native with construct 2 and as it goes it's passed through iTunes connect review so I'm fairly confident it works.

  • I can't get any IAP plugin work for iOS. Several months ago Cranberrygame IAP plugin worked fine but now there is no IAP plugin available for C2 which fully works. Each one has some issue.

    Problem with Cordova IAP - doesn't trigger "on purchase product succeeded".

    Official IAP doesn't restore purchases for me (also doesn't have "on restore purchase success" condition) and doesn't cover consumables products. Can you tell what Intel XDK plugin do you use for Official IAP?

    I've been asking several times already and always been ignored but... let me try one more time. Ashley will there be ever a fix for official IAP plugin so it would work:

    • both for iOS and Android
    • with consumables and managable products
    • with restore purchases + "on restore purchases" condition

    It looks like currently it's not possible to implement working IAP with C2. Before we had Cranberry plugin, but now, nothing works.

  • I don't think I can help with this one as there's been so many updates since I last used it. I do have it working as intended in my game Thumb Space using the iap plugin that ships with construct 2.

    The only thing I should note is that I don't use the intel XDK instead I use cordova CLI.

  • rjblueskies Afraid not sorry. Any conversation with him is largely stuck behind a language barrier. Though we have spoken, nothing has ever been resolved.

    With regards to the iap plugins in general, I have had the official one that ships with construct 2 working in my game Thumb Space but there has been too many updates sins then for me to confirm that it still works. I should however note that there was a beta release that described a bug fix for the official plugin.

    I should also note that I do not use the intel XDK, instead I use the cordova CLI, I have found it to have allot less limitations in the past.

  • ... I should however note that there was a beta release that described a bug fix for the official plugin...

    The release notes say:

    "IAP plugin: Javascript error using preview-over-wifi"

    Does not sound like its related to what the member above is talking about (offical iAP plugin not working with iOS?).

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