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  • I have the Cranberry IAP plugin installed with the settings below, but am getting the Google Play error, "Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google account."

    Yes, I am signed in on my phone.

    I am wondering is this error, because I only have an app in Alpha, or is it because I am running the android-debug.apk app.

    In Construct 2,

    1. I added the IAP plugin from Cranberry.

    2. Setup the correct Android application License Key.

    3. In the layout event sheet

    • On start of layout -> Add product ID "myID"
    • On start of layout -> Request store listing

    4. On touch gesture of button ->Purchase product "myID"

    And then I have checks for On purchase fail or succeeded.

    When touching the button, I get the google thinking icon and then the google message appears.

    Is this OK while the app is in development?

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  • According to google, the issue is because I do not have a published Alpha app. I need to complete the store listing first.

    From Google

    "Unfortunately, you'll need to publish the app in one of the testing tracks (Alpha/Beta) to test IAP."

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