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  • Hello

    I used the cranberry game IAP plugin.

    No problem for installation or what, but in the game, when I want to buy an object, I get an error message (in french, so the english translation might not be exactly this):

    "The editor is not allowed to buy this item"

    Any idea where this comes from ? And how to solve it ?

    I put the licence key in construct 2 (something like 392 characters :O).. maybe it's this ??

    Many thanks

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  • Have you published your app in Google Play as Alpha? If I am not wrong, to test the Google Play Game Services and IAP you have to publish your app in any state, Alpha, Beta or Production in Google Play, but if you are testing it could better to just publish it in Alpha.

    I am not completely sure because I just started to use his plugins as well, but I remember that I read that in the Google+ Community he created for support of his plugins. =)

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  • it's telling you most likly the publisher cant buy the item. you need to add test account on google dev and use a different account then the one you use to publish your app.

  • Thanks for answers

    I publish it in alpha, and already tried with another account.. but on the same device..

    I'll ask a friend to test..

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    Sorry for late reply.

    volkiller730's reply is right.

    Thank you very much.

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