How do I make crafting that piggybacks my inventory system?

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  • So, I created a text-based inventory based on this tutorial. That went down smoothly. After mulling over the tutorial, I had a couple of array breakthroughs. My interest was very peaked. So I thought I might try a crafting system. Holy crap, I have had no luck. I've tried making one from scratch a couple times, but I'm stuck, and have made no decent progress. This is the best I can come up with. From what I can tell the code should work? I'm just hoping one of you can help. Thank you very much in advance. Have an awesome evening.


  • Do all of your objects have ids? You need to correlate an ephemeral id number (e.g. "steel" has an id of 1 -- or whatever)

    You give us no idea of how your inventory works behind the scenes, so I am going to tell you how I would do this.

    First, I would have ephemeral ids for all of my in-game objects (steel, wood, etc) and correlate those to the Sprite UID of the corresponding sprite in the inventory. That way you can match up the UIDs of the actual steel sprite to the steel entry in the id slot of the array. In other words, steel (being id #1) is stored in the 1 slot of the array (the 2nd slot in the actual data array, since it starts indexing at 0). So in the 1 slot in the array you store a number of how much of that particular item that you have.


    Inventory Array: [ 0 , 12, 0, 0, 0, 9, 0, 0, 0]

    ItemID to UID Array: [123, 509, 501, 629, 2011, 4094, 23, 95, 59]

    ItemID to ItemName Array: ["Gems", "Steel", "Cloth", "Hides", "Wood", etc, etc, etc, etc]

    Then when you craft, you simply subtract from the value in each of the corresponding array slots, for example: You want to craft a spear (or w/e)

    It takes 5 steel (id 1) and 5 wood (id 5), in your inventory array at index 1 and index 5 you have values: 12 and 9, so you subtract 5 from 12 in the #1 index and 5 from 9 in the #5 index. Then if you have a stackable inventory, you simply repopulate the inventory by looping through your array and skipping any item that has a value 0 and redisplay the inventory (probably using a function).

    All of this stuff is just how you track id numbers and correlate them to sprite UIDs.

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  • Okay, thank you very much for the explenation. Though the tutorial I linked should explain what I did well. Sorry I didn't explain well enough. Basically, for the crafting, every object that is going to be crafted has four instance variables: The name of the first resource it requires, the amount of the first recource it requires, the name of the second recource, and the amount of the second recource it requires. So I created a function called "Craft" and have it pass the four instance variables as parameters. So I check if the player has equal or greater wood than the crafted obects wood requirement, and do the same thing for steel.Then if the player has enough of both it crafts it. Althoug, it doesn't actually craft anything right now, it just deletes the placeholder object mini_Sword. Please tell me if this explenation was satisfactory. Thank you again.

  • Yea, I looked through the tutorial. Let me actually look at your capx.

    First observation, it doesn't look like you actually filled your array with any data. So you are working with a blank array, like this:


    or actually this:


    indices: -------------------------------------------0-----1-----2-----3-----4----5-----6-----7-----8-----9

    This is what a new Array in Construct2 defaults to. You will see this if you output the array as JSON, like Array.AsJSON. You can always use Array.AsJSON to output the contents of any of your arrays to a TextBox in order to help you debug data-driven logical errors.

    So, when you say:

    You are looping through the above array, which just contains a bunch of zeroes for all 10 indices of the array (the indices being 0 to 9).

    If you want actual data in there, you need to loop through however many resources you have an actually initialize the data, otherwise you will get continued logical errors.

    You need something like this:

    in order to initialize the numbers of each resource in your inventory (assuming you are using the array index as a corollary for the resource id).

    Note: I used random(100), but I assume you know already how many of each resource your player has.

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