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  • I tried to whip up a quick game using the Physics behavior for the first time and it seems the engine isn't robust enough for what I want to do but I just wanted to double check if there were any easy built-in solutions to the issues I'm having first...

    Here's a quick vid of the game as of right now:The first issue is the lack of friction when trying to move the objects. There's a friction coefficient for physics object but even when I set them all to max, everything still slides off the forks of the truck.The second issue is just that the simulation seems *very* inaccurate.

    I tried setting "Bullet Movement" to "Yes" for everything and I tired all three physics engines available but objects still slip through the forks of the truck extremely easily and things just bounce around too much in general.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

  • Do you have some simplified .capx to show? It would be much easier to judge from there.

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  • Mmkay, I had links to a video and the capx in the original post and they showed up in the post preview but then the links got deleted after I submitted it and I didn't notice. That's really annoying. So hopefully the CAPX is attached to this post but I don't know how to share the video.

    Basically, Arrow Left/Right moves the truck and W/S moves the forks. You can pick boxes/pallets up or push them around with the forks/truck but you can't drive backward with them since there's no friction. They just slide off.

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