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  • Hi there guys i hope someone can help me because im coming up blank on why my project isn't functioning like i want it to

    Problem 1: ive made an ability which rotates at a constantly growing speed while firing (Spin to Win is name), when i activate my ability in like the first 5 seconds of layout opening it works fine but after that it just's fire once and stops if someone can take a look at the .capx and see if you can help i will be so thankful.

    Problem 2: i want my asteroids to rotate and ive set a rotate speed but when they are created they wont rotate

    The project is very small atm so wont be to hard to see what ive done. ... Space.capx

    Thank You

  • Problem #2 is you are setting the angle in event 19.

    For #1, you should consider using a Timer behaviour instead of Every X seconds for critical timing. Every X seconds starts running when the game starts, and triggers at that time regardless of when you might think you are starting the countdown. I'm guessing event 25 is triggering at odd times, but you should start the 12 second timer when Ability1 becomes active, not every 12 seconds since the game began. (Also since your cooldown is 60 seconds, it takes a long time to retest the second round.)

  • yeah i thought problem #2 might of been the angle but i have no idea how to get around that, yeah i thought that might be the case with problem #1 as well but i couldn't find another timer all there was compare time and every x second

    But thank you very much for looking at it for me

  • anyone got any suggestions because im having no luck?

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  • Like blackhornet said, add the Timer-behaviour to one of your objects..

    If you don't know what that is, there is a link to the manual on top of this page..

    In line 19 replace the "asteroid set angle" with asteroid - bullet set angle of motion = Asteroid.direction

    Also in the asteroids properties of the bullet behaviour set the set angle to No

  • thats great thank you for the reply

    ill put it to use after work tonight

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