Counting time of animations?

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  • Hey guys,

    I�ve got another question:)

    I use different animations for different weapons and I want to make a "favourite weapon"-info at the end of a match.

    Is there any possibility, to compare the time, the animations are playing


    2min machinegun

    1min plasmagun


    thanks in advance, you are a great community :) helped me a lot of time

    sorry, if my english isn�t perfect. i�m not a native....and i�m drunk

    carnival you know ;-)



  • one way would be to create a variable for each gun

    then when the player switches to a particular weapon, you have a section that says

    currentgun = "machineGun"

    -> every 1 second add +1 to "machineGunTime"

    then check which one is the biggest at the end of the game.

    There's a fancier way with arrays, but this is the easiest way to visually understand what's going on.

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  • sounds pretty clear now :) but what is the expression to check which variable is the biggest?

    Aren�t there just >< and equal ?

    If there is not an expression, this would be lots of events to calculate right^^

    Or can i check more then one variable?

    Variable MachineGun > than (VariablePlasmaGun/VariableCrossbow etc)

    sry for bead english, not a native :)

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