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  • hi

       i'm planning to do number counting game,the game is like ,we have 1 grid view , in that one i have placed some numbers(text) and we will display one number in the right side assume(15), we have to add that number by touching objects in the grid view, what we have placed previously.

    Is any body having ideas please share it.

  • You mean this game? :)

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  • Xionor

    exactly same game.

  • exactly same game. do you have any idea

  • Example

    I already posted this example in the other topic you opened under a different name.

    Why do you post the name question twice, with two different users?

  • hi,

    your example is very nice,thanks for that. i need some some help. i have took some objects from your example.Actually i need that, if total=13 by touching the numbers it has to count 13 ,if the count is more than 13 , it should not count , it has to stop the touch with some effect and if the count is equal to 13 that number has to destroy and that touch fields has to destroy . can any some help me please.

  • It seems to me you took my example and removed what you thought you didn't need.

    Unfortunately you also took away a lot of things you do need if you want it to work like you said above.

    The things you ask for now are relatively easy if you know how to make a program with Construct2.

    Add another condition to the event adding the framenumber.

    System compare to values - Total wanted - is equal or less than - total + framenumber

    this way the event will not trigger when the count will be more than total wanted.

    instead of restarting the layout when wanted total is reached just destroy the selected numbers and set total to 0 and wanted total to random.

    To see which numbers were selected make a boolean variable on the sprite and trigger this to true if clicked on.

  • thanks

    makes me think.

  • hi

       Again i have got some problem.when i'm counting numbers the total wanted and actual is same ,at that time the only selected numbers has to destroy but for me every thing is destroying. and the wanted total also not changing at that time. can any one please guide me please.

  • I don't know what you were trying to do with the boolean variable, but you were setting it to true in 3 different events. There was even an event, which set the boolean to true if the boolean was true.

    Compare this capx I've made to the one in your last post and try to understand the differences.

    demo number improved

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