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  • Hi guys! I'm new here. I really didn't want to come begging for help but I am really stuck. I've put a countdown timer on a simple game I made for College, but I can't get it to reset after game over and end up in a perpetual game over loop. I have tried the suggestions I have found on this forum, asked friends and Googled like mad but still no luck. I really really really need help before I go mad.

    Here is what I have so far. I'm guessing it's really wrong but I'm desperate as the assessment is due in next week.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Ok you are really new to construct. There are 2 fails and because you are a newbie I don't fix your problem, I just give you some tips.

    First you need to reset your global variables every time you restart the layout (On start of layout)

    Second you should put all your enemies in a familie. so you can make out of 19 Events 1. It�s really easy just use PlaneSprite on Collision with family.

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