How do I Count stars in select level game

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    in above link pls anybody tell my how to count stars of each level

  • Could you explain what it is you want exactly, before we give answers to a question you didn't ask?

  • If you want the total amount of stars, you could either loop through the array and add to a global variable for each spot in the array stars are awarded..

    You could ofcourse also add to a global variable based on the animation of each level object..

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  • yes i want total amount of stars

    i have did, but wrong, when level playing again

    suppose i get 2 stars and then i play again this level and gain 3 stars but it counting 5 stars.

    m not getting this point how to do this

    pls suggest

  • I don't know what you did and how, so without knowing that it's pretty hard to tell you what went wrong..

    Are you adding to the amount of stars without resetting?

  • Ok

    suppose I have 10 level

    i m getting star on each level as per<B>level select tutorial</B>

    i have put

    if "stars" are > 0 add "stars" to "count stars"

  • one thing more i have try in this

    set "count stars" to max(stars, levels.At(currentLevel)) - min(stars, levels.At(currentLevel))

    by doing this

    suppose we play two time first we get 1 star and second time we get 3 star

    when we get 1 star, 1 is added to "count stars"

    when we get 3 star, then

    max is 3 and min is 1 = 2 added to "count stars"

    now updated "count stars" is 3

    but problem comes when we play 3 times and we gets 1,2,3 stars


    1st time we get 1 star

    1 added "count stars"


    2nd time we get 2 star

    2-1= 1 more added to "count stars"

    3rd time we get 3 star

    3-1=2 adding to "count stars" this is the problem

    because when we play 3rd time i want to deduct 2stars


    but 2 is not "max" neither "min"

    i don't know how to fix it

    or may be their is any other solution available

    or i m going wrong way

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