How do I count specific values in an array?

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  • I have a 2 dimensional array with a width of 4 and a height of 438. (If I'm using those terms correctly, and I believe I am.) Imagine it looks something like this:







    I have two variables called "over_100" and "under_100". How do I iterate through my array, row by row, and increment those two variables based on the data in the first column? (100, 124, 198, etc.)

    Another quick question: I've written a lot of stuff in Excel VBA over the years. Do C2's arrays work the same way? To iterate through a spreadsheet I use: "cells(row,col)" but I think that makes the height "x" and the width "y" which is backwards compared to C2, right?

  • Hi,

    so you just want to count the elements with over100 (under100) in the first row?

    What about exactly 100 or 0.

    I have made a small example, you can find it here: ... count-5391

    I hope it helps.

  • Thanks a lot dsminor. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for me!

  • To compare the values in a single column you can use "For" loop..




    Array WIDTH=2 ; HEIGHT=4

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  • I'm clearly struggling to understand C2's arrays. Here's how MY array looks in the debugger:

    0        [119,Pour,For,354]
    1        [125,Bonjour,Hello,128]
    2        [133,Comment,How,45]
    439      [450,Vingt,Twenty,235]
    Seems really straightforward.  There are 440 "rows" and each one I'm treating like a record.  The first column is a score, the second is a French word, the third is the English equivalent, and the last is my index.  Every 5 cards or so I sort everything by the score column.  That's all working great.
    But the C2 debugger reports an array WIDTH of 439 and a HEIGHT of 4.  So I guess I just have my vertices mixed up, right?
    In any event, I was able to get this working.  Thanks again for the help!
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