How do I Count Combos (SOLVED)

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  • Hey guys, I'm stuck and I could use some advice. I'm half way thru my game and having trouble figuring out if something is possible.

    I'm trying to monitor and action and I want it to cause an effect at a certain time but only at that time. If it falls short of that moment do nothing but if it reaches that moment do something.

    I tried a Var but when it counts the events to the action and it falls short it does not trigger or if it falls short like 1 away from the event on the next event it triggers in stead of only if it does it consecutively. LIKE A 5 PUNCH, KICK COMBO If you get all 5 in a row you trigger the bonus if you only get 4 you trigger nothing.

    How can I do this?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • If it's a single button press you could have a variable increment and a timer that counts down on the button press, if timer expires then reset the variable, if the button is pressed in time then restart the timer. if it's complex combos you could look at arrays and punching keys in sequence and then checking what's in the array.

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  • I was just coming in to thank you I was not familiar with the timer and after playing around with it a bit I was able to accomplish the result I wanted. 99Instances2Go I love what you created and I thank you as well for your time I will study this and see what I can learn from it and apply for future logic.

    Thank you both so much, it's very appreciated.

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