How do I count and get characters in text?

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  • Hey guys! Can someone help me please? I want to count and get characters in text based on buttons. Below what i need:


    1 Text:
    3 Buttons[/code:11d5bsz2]
    [b]Button 1 (Count lines)[/b]:
    Answer: In this example need to appear "2". We have 2 lines in text.
    [b]Button 2 (Count characters)[/b]:
    Answer: In this example need to appear "5" for the first line and "3" for the second line.
    [b]Button 3 (Get a character from line)[/b]:
    Answer: If for example i choose from the first line (HELLO) the second character, the result need to be the letter "E".
    [h2]Can someone help me please? Thanks![/h2]
  • From the System Expressions page of the C2 manual:

    len(text) [can be used to do your button 2]

    Return the number of characters in text.

    mid(text, index, count) [can be used to do your button 3]

    Return the count characters starting from index in text.

    For button 1, you could separate your lines with a special character and then use that as a marker to split each line into tokens and count the tokens. For example you could format it as "HELLO\BYE" and do this: tokencount("HELLO\BYE", "\")

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  • Thanks for your help my friend!

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