How do I correctly set an angle of movement when switching

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  • Hi there, apologies for the shortened subject line ...

    So, in our little game we have two control mechanisms for our player. In general they use the Platform Plus behaviour to do the platforming sections. However, from time to time they enter a little spaceship. When this happens the platform behaviour is disabled, and a custom movement behaviour is enabled (it has to be custom for ricochet effects, that don't impact this 'problem')

    Whenever we enter the spaceship, for the life of us, we can not get the player to launch straight up regardless. Depending on the location of the docking system it launches the player all over the place. Is there something I am missing in order to ignore the previous directions the player was going in, and just fire the player up for a second?

    Many thanks!

  • It's a little hard to envisage the issue. Maybe you could post the capx, or if you don't want to share that perhaps a gif/video of the problem?

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  • Some remote troubleshooting tips that might or might not help until you send a .capx:

    • Just for testing purposes, try to set all the speed/vector/movements to 0 when disabling the Platform behavior
    • Again, for testing only, try to disable every behavior that the player has, when entering the spaceship and see whether that fixes the issue. If it does, only disable one and go behavior by behavior to see which behavior causes the problem.
  • Apologies for the slow reply ... randomly, your suggestions fixed the problem.

    By setting the speed, issuing a 'stop' and setting the vectors to zero - taking a 0.01 second pause and then setting the correct vector movement, it fixes the issue.

    Thank you!

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