How do I correctly build a melee attack?

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  • Hello,

    I'd like to receive help on making the playable character in my game (warrior) correctly do melee attacks. As of now, he spawns an instance of the object slash1 at an image point which, on collision with the wolf, damages the wolf and sends it flying a slight bit backwards.

    However, for some reason when the warrior is mirrored, the slash1 instances he spawns are (visually, not in the code) flipped. Hence, I've made the slash1 flipped (in the code) as long as the warrior is mirrored. But then, when the slash1 collides with the wolf, the wolf is visually flipped.

    This made me realize my melee attacks might not be the most efficient. Could I receive any advice on this?

    Note: most of the imagery and all of the music is not owned by me, I'm building this project purely for self-education.

    Note 2: Couldn't upload the project as it's too big (I guess) nor send a URL to Google Drive as I can't post URL's yet.

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