How to make the correct behavior of the enemy?

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  • Hello! Please tell me, how can I do to beat red sprites on goal at a time, but in a random order? Let's say a player first effort on goal in blue sprite then any red sprite. And how to make that red sprite when hit the gate crashing behaved like a blue sprite. (Bounced)? I did as a bullet, but it does not work. To better understand my problem was, I created a test scene. Thanks for the help. Sorry for the bad english.

  • Problem with a random shot of red sprites, I decided, I'll hope that more experienced users will be able to help me with the problem of rebound red sprite when plunging into the board or the opponent. thank you.

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  • Hello! It seems I solved a problem with a rebound, there was still a question:

    If to press and hold a blue counter, it is possible to scatter gray, what is wrong, whether it is possible to make somehow so that when I delay a blue counter more could move than nothing?

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