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  • hi,

    since ejecta is no more supported for 64 bits architecture

    i switch to cordova

    i try to build an ipa and i set all icons and splash screens

    provisiong mobile and certification (same)

    i put all icons , splash screen certificate and provisioning file in same directory BUT

    i get this error like in picture ;

    i use

    admob cranberry plugin

    chartboost ad cranberry plugin

    iad plugin (offcial)

    gamecenter plugin (official)

    browser plugin (official)

    iap plugin (official)

    any help please ? ... 0error.png

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  • most of the times i've seen this it's because the person set up the certificate or provisioning up incorrectly so you should try remaking both. also the xdk should of made a build log you can look for the error in there to see if it's something else or post it hey so we can find it

  • i just success and i don't know how ....

    i finally buildthe ipa and run it on my iphone

    but i see that the game is run lazy and laggy .... there is really poor performance and bad display

    ejecta is better

    i will try to play with construct 2 options about pixel rounding and downsaling and i will post again results

  • yeah thats odd ive only seen bad performance on Android IOS is normally blazing fast good luck figuring it out. also what is your testing device?

  • thanks for reply

    i test on iphone 4s

    but i disable webgl on contruct 2

    but with ejecta is much faster and beauty

  • matrixreal Totally agree Ejecta performance is far better thank the XDK!

    I think it was premature to drop support for Ejecta. Despite the stated Ejecta incompatibility problems I find the XDK also has it's fair share of problems! Audio works very well in Ejecta for a start. You just need to design your game around the Ejecta's limitations. At least it does what it says it does!

    Ejecta FPS is also good. And the Game Center support works well too. There are also many other benefits of having direct access to the Xcode project.

    iAD CPMs are terrible these days, so we could do with better plugin ad support for Ejecta. (especially full screen ads...banners are not profitable)

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