Cordova Plugin in Intel XDX Error?

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  • Error: Could not retrieve plugin " --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'".

    Error: Could not fetch plugin " --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'".

    I put in the correct name according to this tutorial and the app ID but to no avail. ... lugin#h2a1

    I got my google play services ID but i still get that error message.

  • It's a Catch-22, I need to build my game to get an app ID, but can't build my game without an app ID. I did create a Leaderboard in the developer console and I am using that app ID. is it the correct one or do I need another app ID?

    Do I use the Google play App ID, which i need to upload the game in order to get? or do I use the app ID in Construct 2? I did create one in Google play anyways, and I did copy and paste the Google Play App ID into the the Intel XDX prompt for the Cordova Game plugin, but it still says error?

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  • Please help, trying to publish this by Halloween. I followed the tutorial exactly on how to add a third party plug-in to Intel XDX but still shows build error. Do I have to put the actual plugin into the plug-in folder itself? If so the tutorial doesn't mention that.

  • Says to remove this code, but this code is missing:

    "Now you actually want to remove the code that activates the plugin from Construct 2. You do this by clicking the DEVELOP tab and opening the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file. Find this code:


    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name=" --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'" intelxdk:value=" --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'" />

    and remove it ALL!

    Hit CTRL + S and move to the Build tab, build for android and you're done!

    REMINDER: You will need to remove the code every time you export it from Construct 2, since the file gets replaced with each exportation.

    If you like this tutorial, please favorite it! If you have any questions or think that I'm not clear enough with a part, please tell me in the comments and I will reply and/or update the tutorial. Thank you and hope this helps! "

  • No one knows? : (

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