Cordova + Intel XDK build for Android = ALWAYS lag!

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  • Hey all, hope your doing fine!

    So here's my problem:

    I created a pretty simple endless runner I want to build for android. The exporting and building process looks fine, but the game always lags on mobile phone..

    So I read different threads/tutorials on how to optimize my game for mobile phone - still lags.

    Okay, thus I created a new project for testing purposes: It only has one background, player with platform behaviour and like 5 solid platforms.

    I export it using Cordova - importing it to Intel XDK - building it for Android... and it still lags... x_X

    I'm using Construct 2 beta release r219.

    The test projects layout size is 288x512px, like the background image is too,

    Player sprite is 32x32px,

    Platform sprite is 92x32,

    The only events in event sheet are:

    Touch - Gamma Orientation >= 8 - Player - Simulate Platform pressing right,

    Touch - Gamma Orientation <= 8 - Player - Simulate Platform pressing left,

    Touch - On tab gesture - Player - Simulate Platform pressing jump.

    How is this supposed to lag?? I'm testing on three different android devices on which I downloaded some games like Doodle Jump and they all run pretty well.

    I'm really close to become mad x_X

    Can someone maybe help me? Would be really awesome! Thanks for reading!

    Kind regards!

  • Try running the debug tool in C2 and look at some of the parts of the game that is using the most resources, it might give you a clue as to where to concentrate on to clean up and make your game more efficient. Another very good solution, is to dump XDK for now and go with like I have. It has it's cons, but performance is not one of them compared to Intel XDK.

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  • The issue doesn't seem to be the game itself, since the test project (like mentioned above) lags too :/

    I will try out cocoon later this day. Thanks for your fast reply! <3

  • For Crosswalk performance problems when you build your app with the Intel XDK, please see this FAQ > ... animatable

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