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  • Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if you could please help me with something I have been stuck on for the last few weeks. I am using Construct2 for Android game development and I am having an issue with getting the app to run in Full Screen on my phone[for testing purposes].

    When I use Cordova to run the app on my phone everything works fine save for a black border that appears on the bottom of the screen. The weird thing is when I tab out of the app and re-enter it, the border disappears and fixes it's self [example].

    I saw some tutorials for a possible fix in the tutorial section of the Scirra site, but most of the tutorials come up with "404 - Server Error" pages.

    I have tried as many variations on getting the app to display correctly but with no luck. one promising guide I found is:

    but I am unsure where to add the required javascript, even after trying the various different .js/.json files located in the "\www\" folder of the exported project.

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated

  • If you do a search for compiling apk cordova using cmd for construct 2, there is a way to set up the game to convert to an actual apk that will go fullscreen. The program should take care of that bar automatically, but it might be a timing issue when loading? Do you have a loading screen or does it just go straight to the game layout?

    Using android SDK and installing cordova through cmd will allow you to use the www folder to build apk with cmd. Not sure the exact process, but MANY people I have heard love doing it this way because its free and actually makes the apk an apk to download for testing.

    Sorry I dont have specifics, but its def worth trying if you find it!

    Another option may be to use bluestacks? Not sure how that would work but who knows. That bar def looks like the phone UI and the game loading is not doing something fast enough to block that.

  • Yeah, I use cmd for building the APKs as it is free and only requires learning a bit of code. Pretty easy when you know how.

    I did some fiddling around with some of the files and got it to work for the most part. The issue seems to be the "cordova-plugin-statusbar" plugin for Cordova.

    I needed to re-add the status bar plugin in cordova and add "StausBar.hide();" to the "onDeviceReady()" condition in the index.html for the exported project. It's a bit weird that Construct2 doesn't add the StatusBar.hide() code automatically, but it doesn't take much to add it in.

    It seems that cordova needs you to re-add existing plugins in order to get it to work for some reason?

    Anyways, thanks for the help. If you need a hand with any projects let me know, I'm always happy to help.

  • Yeah after reading a bit about it after my post, I noticed some people fixed this exact thing with a plugin. That might have been the one they were talking about. Some were kind of eh about adding another plugin but hey if it works!

    Glad you have some cmd knowledge of the apk stuff, because once its set up, its a matter of copy and pasting www folder and rebuilding android apk from cmd there and then boom :)

    Good stuff

    ALso, Ill keep the help in mind because I am doing two games right now and its cumbersome for one person, though I have a game clan for ideas and tests :P

    I am very artistic naturally and graphical stuff is easy for me, just wrapping around this program, which is much easier (yet fully useable for sure!) than other engines Ive used, but if I get caught up, add me on dicord :) I have a server for one of my games there :)

    Thanks and if you need graphics help ;) lol

  • Cool, here is a link to my discord [just created]Hampo on Discord. Unless you can send me a link to yours?

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  • Sure :) sorry I didnt get to that link in time. They expire I think so here is mine as of now :) This is the server and then Im in there :) Im having many problems with construct code and integration with multiplayer at the moment, but soon will be fixed so most recent topic info is about that lol.

    And here is my Discord id mojoyup1528#4523

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